The local weather features are clearly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, namely mild temperatures, high rainfall well spread with water drop in summer months

Because of this, the vineyards are tended in the local popular Emparrado Trellis system, lifted into granite sticks in order to protect them from moisture and maximize air circulation, allowing for a better drier during ripening season and sun hours to grape bunches which are tight and small.

Our vineyards are made up of different fields located at a height of between 100 and 400 meters, oriented towards the south and located on slopes where soils are predominantly sandy loam with lots of stone, deep roots do the perfect drainage, which is quite unusual because most of soils are sandy and not so deep.

The pruning is done in the month of February and sprouting begins with increasing temperatures in April, but starting blooming becomes more important to control the vineyards as it is exposed to diseases, with ecological treatments, we care of our vineyards until harvest time, which will take place in the month of September, this may be in the beginning or end of the month depending on weather conditions each year.