We make Authentic, Artisanal and Atlantic wines in “Val do Salnés”, in the heart of the Rías Baixas.


ATTIS is the wine quest of two brothers, Robustiano and Baldomero Fariña. Years ago, they joined the French Oenologist, Jean François Hebrard, to elevate winemaking in Rias Baixas and the possibilities of its varietals and terroir aiming to elaborate different wines, attending to their variety, plot or elaboration, bringing out each nuance and every aroma that gives them the climate, the terroir and of the Atlantic.



Atlantic Reds

All our red wines follow the same winemaking philosophy looking to captivate the one who tastes them to the most Atlantic Galicia. A rich and diverse land like its red varieties almost forgotten and abandoned in this secluded terroir of whites. Wines with very good acidity that boast completely different personalities thanks to their different varietal expressions

Sitta Rosado

Sitta Rosado


Close your eyes, feel its sweet aroma on your nose, savor its crispy freshness and, above all, listen to the Atlantic. A rosé that will make you vibrate alone or accompanied, wherever you are. No clichés .

Attis Mar

Authentic, artisanal, Atlantic, autochthonous… ATTIS Sea raises the values of our Albariño ATTIS to its maximum expression. The cold waters of the Atlantic are responsible for rocking our reference wine for six months and elevating it to a higher level.
ATTIS Sea is perceived in all its splendor if we savor it alone. The experience of enjoying it with Attis Lees is also more than advisable.