We are located in the heart of the “Val do Salnés”, a privileged location whose land gives life to our vineyards. It is precisely our environment together with the tradition and the know-how inherited for three generations that define the essence of our wines: authentic, artisanal and Atlantic.


All our wines depart from the respect of the autochthonous and the artisanal and they are faithful to our philosophy of elaborating great Atlantic wines.
However our environment allows us to obtain different results starting from the autochthonous varieties. The variety, the terroir, the type of viticulture or the climate make the elaboration of different wines viable.
The freedom to explore the potential of each variety is always present in the elaboration processes. Respecting the characteristics of the varieties used, we fully express the identity of ATTIS in each of our wines: an identity in which the tradition, the effort, the patience and the know-how inherited from previous generations are The base.


The processes of elaboration of our wines, from the care of the vineyard to the harvest and vinification, are characterized by a deep respect to the variety.
Our environment facilitates direct contact with the tradition and culture of wine. A culture of which we inherit the care with patience of the vineyards throughout the year; The experience to treat the raw material passionately and to tackle the winery’s own tasks; and the conditions necessary to print the typicalness of the Atlantic zone in our wines.
Finally, with the good work of our team and in a clear commitment to respect for the vine, the medium and the artisanal elaboration, we obtain as a result unique and unrepeatable wines: artisans.


The Atlantic character of our wines is part of its essence. The Atlantic provides a high salinity to the wines made from different autochthonous varieties in the Rías Baixas, and this factor is particularly accentuated in the wines of the Val do Salnés sub-area.
The humid climate, the mild temperatures and the predominantly granite terroir are common and clearly influential factors in the D.O. rías Baixas wines. These conditions allow the vine to work to the rhythm that should do it, without stress, reaching expressions of color, aroma and acidity exceptional.