Botella de Sitta Doliola

Sitta Doliola

Following the maceracion’s wake and as a sign of our tendency to produce respectful and traditional wines, we have moved to the most ancestral winemaking method. This white wine is made in clay pots (Dolium) emulating those used in ancient times to transport and store food and wine. This peculiar winemaking makes it a risky white wine and different from what is expected. Enjoy it with seafood stews and fish or grilled vegetables.


Wine´s category: Wine, maceration with white grape skins.
Limited Production.


Vine arbour (pergolas) with 800 cepas/ha.
Selection of vineyards between 35 and 40 years old.
Soils of granitic Entisoles of sandy – clayey character.
Yield: 6.000 Kg/ha.


Hand harvest picking in boxes of 15 Kg perforated.
Selection of grapes.
Complete destemming
Spontaneus alcoholic fermentation in clay pots.
Pellicular maceration of 10 months in 380L clay pots. (Doliola in Latin).
Pneumatic press.
Malolactic spontaneous fermentation.


A fresh and citric nose with hints of grapefruit rind. There is a good balance between fruit, alcohol and acidity, with a soft tannic structure. A different and unique wine.

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