Botella de Sitta Doliola

Sitta Dulce Nana

Our natural sweet white wine “Passito” style elaborated with white grapes dried after the harvest. The best expression of the work and dedication behind our authentic and artisanal wines. Dulce Nana winemaking implies a careful cluster’s drying process rigorously selected for this. As a result of this raising process, we obtain high concentration of sugars offering a sweet, dense, and intense natural sweet white wine. Persistent and unctuous without abandoning its varietal character. It will be your ally as an aperitif, with blue or cured cheeses and foie and, of course, with your favourite desserts.


Wine´s category: sweet white from raisined grapes.
Very limited production.


Selection of very healthy grapes from young vineyards.
Vine arbour (pergolas) with 800 cepas/ha.
Soils of granitic Entisoles of sandy – clayey character.
Altitude: 0 to 100 m.
Yield: 5.000 Kg/ha.


Hand harvest picking in boxes of 15 Kg perforated.
Selection of grapes.
The grapes are extended on one unique layer of dry heather, protected from rain in a well-ventilated place.
Raisining time: 2 months.
Complete destemming and compress air press.
Alcoholic spontaneous fermentation with control of temperature (12-15ºC).
Fining with isinglass.
Tangential filtration.


This is a citric Wine with hints of nuts and honey. A lingering finish with a good balance between sugar and acidity. A natural sweet wine raisined grapes. Different and unique.