Project Description

Sitta Pereiras

We can blame the nature and the terroir for the decision that led us to produce this wine. A natural sweet white wine resulting from the elaboration of the Finca “Pereiras”. The albariño cultivated in this plot has as peculiarity the high acidity that it presents even in the optimal moment of maturity. Pereiras is a light wine, with good balance between sweetness and acidity, which for its craving and freshness is especially suitable as an aperitif or to accompany sour desserts, cream cheeses and even bitter chocolate.


Wine´s category: sweet white with fermentation stop.
Variety: 100 % Albariño.
Very limited production = 2.000 botellas (500 ml).


Single Vineyard “Pereiras” de 0,4 Ha with 30 years old.
Vine arbour (pergolas) with 800 cepas/ha.
Soils of granitic Entisoles of sandy – clayey character.
Altitude: 50 m.
Yield: 5.000 Kg/ha.
Organic viticulture.


Hand harvest picking in boxes of 15 Kg perforated.
Selection of grapes.
Complete destemming and compress air press Debourbage with cold temperature.
Alcoholic spontaneous fermentation with control of temperature (12-15ºC).
Fermentation Stop with tangential filtration when the wine has 8-9% alcohol.
No malolactic fermentation.
Fining with isinglass.
Tangential filtration.


A natural sweet Wine from albariño variety , which makes it different and unique. There is a perfect balance between acidity and sugar, green apple. A zippy wine.

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