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  • A wine as light-hearted as its image. Fruit and youth for your day-to-day.
  • The freshness and vividness of Sangarida in the maximum expression of this young Godello.  
  • This unconventional and modern-style albariño brings us closer to younger audience by being faithful to our roots since youth is not obstacle of quality. As the saying that gives it its name, "genio y figura hasta la sepultura", winemaking of this wine is consistent with our work philosophy taking the maximum advantage of our younger vineyards to offer a small-grand albariño ideal to enjoy by the glass or with your most informal meals.
  • Xión

    The youngest version of our Albariños. Xion maintains the fruity character of our younger vineyards offering at the same time a pleasant mouthfeel thanks to a short ageing on lees. A fresh and easy drinking wine simply conceived to enjoy.
  • The youngest and most fruity expression of the autochthonous red grapes of Rías Baixas. A blend of red varieties that complement each other enhanced with a slight touch of oak from its short ageing in oak foudre giving as a result a fresh and light wine to enjoy by glass, as aperitif or pairing your tapas, charcuterie, cheeses and pates.
  • Attis

    Inspired by its role in Greek mythology and its connection with Cibeles (goddess of Nature), ATTIS, guides the steps of our winery. Flagship wine that carries the reins of this family project to which it gives name. ATTIS is the consequence of our deep admiration and respect for the vineyard and its terroir. This albariño, true to its varietal character, combines freshness and complexity thanks to an ageing process on the lees and the contribution of a short stay in oak foudres. A wine with a lot of personality that will accompany your appetizer to lead you to a meal full of experiences. Enjoy fish, seafood, creamy cheeses and everything you can imagine.
  • The white Caíño variety perfectly represents the duality of Atalanta, female lion guiding Attis chariot in mythology. On the one hand, we have the fresh, delicate and floral character of the myth girl, on the other, the intensity and claw of the lion in which she transformed. A light, aromatic wine with good acidity reinforced by the complexity and the volume that gives it its ageing in oak. Pair it with your tastiest seafood and meaty fish. Ideal with creamy and intense cheeses.
  • Nana

    Not far from the myth that gives name to this wine, it is not arguable that a mother always wants the best for her children. NANA (mother of ATTIS in mythology), selects some of our best plots for this careful elaboration. A voluminous and complex wine that maintains its good acidity after fermenting and ageing in oak barrels. Warm, friendly and elegant in the palate. This wine will be the perfect match for meaty fish, seafood stews, white meats or creamy cheeses.
  • Embaixador is a wine as singular as the vineyard from which it comes from. It's a terroir wine. It perfectly expresses the peculiarities of the soil in which this vineyard is cultivated. Fermented in granite, thus enhancing the characteristics of the variety to the extreme. It is a diplomatic wine as its name indicates, serious, complex, voluminous without losing the freshness expected in a white. Ideal for white meats, game birds and just to enjoy.
  • Estereo

    Un tinto de gran personalidad y un marcado carácter atlántico que le aportan las uvas frescas y Borgoñonas syrah de Gredos y la delicada y aromática espadeiro de las Rías Baixas, una variedad escasa y en cuya recuperación Bodegas Attis está muy implicada. Esta nueva referencia aúna la peculiaridad del terruño histórico de Méntrida con la Galicia más atlántica; la práctica de una viticultura sostenible, mínimamente intervencionista de Canopy y el respeto a lo autóctono y lo artesanal de Attis.
  • Attis Mar

    Authentic, Artisan, Atlantic... ATTIS Mar submerges our Albariño ATTIS in the depths of the Rias Baixas to maximize its expressiveness and Atlantic nuances. The cold waters of this sea sway it for six months making its "alter ego" emerge. ATTIS Mar is a unique experience that you can enjoy on its own or pared with ATTIS to discover the personality that you like most.
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