Project Description

estereo vino tinto


A red wine of great personality and a strong Atlantic character that brings fresh and Burgundy Garnachas of Gredos grapes and the delicate and aromatic Souson from Rías Baixas, a scarce variety and in whose recovery Attis Winery is very involved.
With a limited production of 400 bottles and 200 magnum, this new reference combines the peculiarity of the historic land of Méntrida with the most Galician Atlantic; the practice of a sustainable, minimally interventionist viticulture of Canopy and respect for the native and artisanal Attis.



Wine type: barrel aged red.
Two grape varieties blend: 50% Grenache from high plots and 50% Atlantic sousón.
Old vineyard plots.
Very limited production: 400 bottles and 200 magnums.


Centenarian grenache grown in the heights of Méntrida area. Granitic soil with abundant river stones.
Rias Baixas Sousón, from Val do Salnés subregion grown in decomposed granitic entisole soil.


Hand harvested in 15 kg perforated boxes.
Sorting table at wine cellar entrance.
Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation in open 500 L tank.
15 days maceration 2 pigeages per day.
Manual vertical press.
Spontaneous malolactic fermentation.
Aged for 12 months in French oak barrels.
Clarification and filtration.


Great personality and marked Atlantic character given by the fresh grapes Burgundy style from Gredos’ Grenaches and the delicate and aromatic Rias Baixas Sousón.
Ripe cherry red colour.
On the nose red and black berries (blueberries, raspberries…), balsamic notes and cigar case cedar, as well as pepper, cocoa and coffee hints.
On the palate it is fresh, medium-bodied with lingering and intense after taste. Long and pleasant and again, it fills our palate with red fruits. Its acidity augurs long ageing potential.
Soft tannin that melts in the palate, fresh, long and pleasant, with a marked Atlantic character.

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