Botella de Attis Atalante

Attis Atalante

This white wine made of caiño blanco varietal, perfectly represents the duality of Atalanta, female lion guiding Attis chariot in mythology. On the one hand, we have the fresh, delicate and floral character of the myth’s girl, on the other, the intensity and claw of the lion in which she transformed. A light, aromatic white wine with good acidity reinforced by the complexity and the volume that gives it its ageing in oak. Pair it with your tastiest seafood and meaty fish. Ideal with creamy and intense cheeses.


Denomination of Origin: Rías Baixas.
Subzone: Val do Salnés.
Wine´s category: Dry White wine fermented and aged in oak barrel.
Grape variety: 100% Caiño Blanco.
Limited production: 1.013 bottles.


Traditional pergola.
Soils of granitic Entisoles of Sandy-clay character.
Altitude: 80m.
Yield: 5.000 kg /ha.


Hand harvest picking in boxes of 15 kg perforated.
Selection of grapes.
Complete destemming and pneumatic press.
Debourbage with cold temperature.
Alcoholic spontaneus fermentation in French oak barrel (500L).
Ageing on lees in the barrel for 12 months with “batonnage”.
Fining with isinglass.
Tangential filtration.


A very complex wine, white flowers and very mineral on the nose, fresh and delicate. On the palate, a keen acidity and minerality, a silky lingering finish.
This wine exhibits the long potential to ageing that we can obtain with this variety and the wonderful and pleasant aromas.

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